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~About The Community~

Welcome to coreh00rz, the Livejournal community for fans of the videogame company Core~~. The main company would be Orbit, but Orbit acts as an umbrella for many sub-companies. You might have heard of Root, who made the game of Yami to Boushi to Hon no Tabibito. Core happens to be Orbit's yaoi/BL offshoot and it seems like there are a few offshoots of Core (such as Core Dusk being responsible for Messiah, for example)... anyway. This is a community for fans of Core, Core Dusk, Core Sky, Core Orange, Core Apple (not real) and all their games. Well. All two of which are released at this time but TORUS ZERO WILL COME OUT ONE DAY, MAYBE. WE HOPE.


Pretty much anything is allowed here if it's related to Core or any of Core's games. Fanfiction, fanart, rambling, reviews, walkthroughs, speculation, wallpapers, Livejournal icons, layouts, et cetera et cetera. Just, if you're posting large amounts of stuff, do employ the use of the lj-cut, please? I'm not going to be all "TWO ICONS OUT OF A LJ CUT AND IF YOU POST THREE I'LL ISSUE A MODLY SMACKDOWN ON YOU" or anything, but use some common sense plz.

Of course, no flaming, being an ass, acting like a tosser et cetera. I don't like evil raping semes and maybe you love them but I'm sure we can all get along.

~About Core's Games~

Well, as of the time of typing this they only have two out, but they're great. Well, I've only played one fully and the demo of the other, but I'm willing to say that they're much goodness based on this. Their third game I'd play if they'd release the damn thing already. Hi Core are you listening?

Fanatica: Core's first release. I've only played the demo of this but I rather enjoyed it~.

Messiah: The main reason for this community being here in the first place. The tale of a mysterious mansion and the vampire who owns it, I don't hesitate in saying that this game is my favourite of its type that I've played like ever. It's actually amazing in practically every respect and everybody should play it now if not sooner. Ryouta is amazing. I love Ryouta. I'm completely biased but he's actually the best.

0 Torus: Or Torus Zero or whatever they decide to call it when it actually comes out oh my god. This game's been on the backburner since before Fanatica (and Fanatica came out in... 2004?) and they wanted it for a 2006 release and it's 2007 and it's still not out. And the website hasn't been updated since 2005. Still, we live in hope.


http://www.orbit-soft.com/core/ - Core's main website.

http://www.orbit-soft.com/cgi-bin/core/st_diary/bbs.cgi - Core's diary and BBS. Check out here every once in a while for pictures and things.

http://www.orbit-soft.com/core/coresite_pages/03prod/messiah/messiah.html - The Messiah website

http://www.orbit-soft.com/core/coresite_pages/03prod/go_fanatica.html - The Fanatica website

http://www.orbit-soft.com/core/coresite_pages/03prod/torus/torus.html - The Torus Zero website
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