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|| ARE THEY GAY? IT'S AMBIGUOUS. || [userpic]
PARA-SOL opening
by || ARE THEY GAY? IT'S AMBIGUOUS. || (tabimendou)
at October 9th, 2010 (04:25 am)

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SO Root's newest game PARA-SOL is out - I've not sat down to play it yet, but what impressed me is that not only does it actually have an opening, but the opening is animated, too ♥. I was kind of like "oh, so this is what Carnelian's art would look like animated if it was animated well..." (nothing against the anime adaptations of Yamibou/Touka Gettan/Kao no Nai Tsuki but sometimes they can look a bit... not... quite right...) (though Kao no Nai Tsuki still looks pretty good for a straightforward hentai flick of the time, to be fair) (anyway)

I look forward to playing and finding out what the game's about ♥.

Looks like Orbit's got a new branch - Alma? Looks to be prepping for a game called Kimi to Boku to Eden no Ringo. That's probably what they're going to be working on now PARA-SOL is done and released, I guess? While we're at it, it looks like Spica might be working on another Garnet Cradle game? Ark of Phantasm. Why can't we have an 18+ add-on for the original game/fandisk... So it looks like Core's website is the only one that doesn't have anything new going on at the moment XD; (though if they started making another game it'd mean they'd take down the Messiah pictures/theme on the site, and I'd be a bit sad about that...) (hay core how's torus-0 going these days)

If anyone's playing PARA-SOL, it looks like there's a patch up. An additional scenario, hmm...?


Posted by: anemoscope (anemoscope)
Posted at: October 16th, 2010 11:49 am (UTC)
Garnet Cradle; revelations

O hay, I actually played PARA-SOL. It was like every other Carnelian + Soragata Aguri game, ie. awesome characters and detailed, enthralling setting, but don't expect the ending to explain anything. It's pretty obvious some 30% of the game was cut for time reasons. But it was fun. (Psst. I don't mind spoiling for you.) Also probably the first ORBIT game not to have any inside jokes or references to other products.

ALMA looks like the replacement for CLOVER as the brand doing light-hearted, slightly ero-heavy games. Katagiri Yuuma mentioned on her blog (or twitter, can't remember) that it's going to be about a guy cross-dressing at an all-girls' school, so no groundbreaking content here. By the way, the artist, CUBE, was presumably recruited via a campaign on Carnelian's twitter - she was saying something of the effect that she wants to find new main artists for Orbit, as she is planning to restrict herself to being a sub-artist/director/planning staff etc.

And the Garnet Ark think is not a game in the strict sense - it's a social web game (think Gaia Online) set in the same universe. It was in development for a looong time (originally was supposed to open last year) and actually opened for registration yesterday. It's actually... Pretty boring unless you like that sort of thing. Sucks that you can't earn any currency in-game but have to buy it. Only redeemable thing about it is that it's supposed to have an actual, Katagiri-written plot going on - a girl called Mayuri and her childhood friend 真輝 (however that's read) transfer to Mifuta Gakuen to look for Mayuri's brother, who disappeared all of a sudden... Yeah. Maybe I'll get a better opinion of it once I get an ADV event to happen.

Sorry for the wall of text >_>

Posted by: || ARE THEY GAY? IT'S AMBIGUOUS. || (tabimendou)
Posted at: October 21st, 2010 03:10 pm (UTC)
Messiah Happy Takuto is happy

Haha, since making this post I pretty much blitzed through the game ♥. Though to be fair I was just going through kind of to see how far I'd get etc, since I don't really understand these things;;. (I started off with AGTH but then... didn't XD;). I'd welcome spoilers since I had no idea what was happening;;. What surprised me was how kind of... how linear it was? With all those female characters I thought they'd have a route each or something like that, so I was pretty surprised when I got an ending for the first time and had unlocked most of the CG. I later found a walkthrough to unlock the other bonus ending thingers, I'm still missing a couple of scenes and CG it looks like, but way not as many as I'd expect for pretty much having only played through once, you know?;;

Hm~ I see, I had wondered what type of games CLOVER did, since I know about Core/Root/Spica but am not so familiar with the other ones;;. From that one picture I'd wondered if it was going to be outright yuri or something, I guess not XD that's interesting about CUBE, too... I'm always really amazed at how most of the Orbit games, for the most part, look about the same but then you read up on them and find out that different people have done the art, and it's like... wow. As long as it all looks good (and doesn't drive Carnelian to ill health again) that's the main thing, but it still kind of surprises me.

*nodnods* That sounds kind of interesting, but probably not the kind of thing I'd actually get around to playing XD from looking around I did see that it didn't look like a ~normal game, but couldn't work out what it actually was;;. Looks pretty, at least 8D /still needs to play Sugary Sparkle, come to think of it... a-and finish the main game........

Nothing wrong with walls of text, it's nice to hear from someone who can illuminate me on what all these things are about XD♥

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